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Time of change in the cosmic sphere

02 Mar

A time of real change is always a time when nature and life itself are transformed creating a deeper cosmogenesis that also develops in consciousness, we have already reached Mars with our apparatuses and we are approaching Venus in the cosmos, in earthly life already we know how the dinosaurs became extinct and in fact it was a meteor, studies of the cosmos are advancing.

This is because life is linked to consciousness, and in phenomenology it is always awareness of something, but it is not separate from the metaphysics in which the very conception of Being, Nature and Cosmos evolve, also in the spiritual aspect.

One of the theologians who never separated spiritual evolution from the evolution of the “species” was Teilhard Chardin (here we use an Aristotelian-Darwinian term not to confuse, but to explain), for him, however, following the path of Patrística (the wise saints at the beginning church) and Scholastics (Tomás de Aquino, Santo Anselmo and now the recovered and saint Duns Scotus), what happens is the complexification of Nature in its hominization (The Human Phenomenon).

Here we begin the explanation of what we call an aortic mutation, which can happen on a new scale at this present moment, not because of the virus but because of the universe but of Nature (capitalized here to make it also sacred), affirms Chardin in the nascent young land : “In the most solid rocks, it is possible to distinguish, in vague symmetry with the metamorphosis of living beings, a perpetual transformation of mineral species” (Chardin, 1965, p. 51), this at first led him to be condemned as “ pantheistic ”, but a more attentive reading, he explains the process.

The pre-life was immersed (we could say already in a germ) in the atom, but where there is already life, we find a spectrum of chemical elements in which its elements are differentiated (the chemical term for this is polymerization, formation of macromolecules by the union from the simpler ones), this pre-life “over the abyss of the past, let’s observe its color, which is changing. From age to age, the tone revives. Something will break out on Earth, no longer nascent, but youthful: life! This is Life! ” (Chardin, 1965, p. 58), the Earth would have remained quite cold so that the chains of carbonaceous molecules (organic molecule) could form and survive on its surface.

The Earth was then watery and tiny beings begin to form here and there, and an amazing mass of organized matter appears the last (or rather the penultimate) layer in the order of time, of the envelopes of our planet: the Biosphere (Chardin , 1965, p. 63).]

This evolution from the inorganic to the organic is the mutation called Aorganic, and it will continue, one day it will be able to change the face of the planet and this is part of human evolution as well.

The dangers of change exist, not only because of a virus that forces human nature to adapt, but an asteroid (the cause pointed out by the extinction of the dinosaurs) can reach us, the dreaded asteroid Apophis (photo), formed by a gigantic rock exists and is being observed by astronomers, its dreaded approach will be in 2029, of course it is not expected to reach us.

Chardin, T. (1965). O fenômeno humano. BR, São Paulo : Herder. (Human Phenomenon)