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Care must continue and the omicron variant

27 Dec

Protocols and care continue to be essential to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, this is what any level of government or health officials says, all over the world and also in our country, therefore, all people, including those who are vaccinated, must continue with all individual and collective prevention measures.

The numbers in the country have fallen, although there is already a manifestation of collective and parallel transmission of the new H3N2 flu virus, but cases of community transmission (that which did not come from abroad) of the omicron variant is already manifested in several regions of the country ,

Chosen by Nature magazine as one of the 10 most influential scientists in 2021, Brazilian Tulio de Oliveira was head of the team that discovered the omicron variant, and said that punishments to countries when new variants are identified, such as restrictions and closures on borders, discourage scientists to publish the facts to avoid these punishments.

According to an interview given to a Brazilian portal, Oliveira said that “I think it is important to act quickly and scientific transparency”, he said. “Because this helps prepare hospitals and the world. We have the super transmissible variant, the omicron, but the hospitals were prepared. We are not having the hospitals completely filled, the oxygen has been prepared, so mortality is low,” he explained while denouncing the political influence that can affect scientific dissemination.

Cases are still few, but they can grow, scientists are unanimous in stating that the transmissibility of the omicron variant is large, in Brazil there are 56 suspected cases in 9 municipalities in Rio de Janeiro, in several states such as São Paulo, there are already cases of community transmission, and the alert from the health departments is still small, but they monitor it.

The symptoms are similar to a cold with sore throat, runny nose and headache, but this does not mean that mild covid always occurs, there will be severe cases.

The ability of omicron to bully vaccinates means that there is a greater potential to reach more people than the delta variant, and it is not yet known what will happen to the elderly, most cases in the UK, for example, are under 40 years old.