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Covid: Tsunami in Europe and lack of protocols

03 Jan

Europe started the year with 4.9 million infections in one week (59% more than Christmas week), it is an unprecedented contagion, with a predominance of the omicron variant, with 10 countries facing the highest rates in the world, led by Denmark (2045), Chipe (1969) and Ireland (1974), the whole of Europe has surpassed 100 million contagions, the region that runs from the Atlantic Coast, to the limits of Russia and Azerbaijan (see map of 100,000 in Europe, in last week).

Brazil still has low rates of infection and mortality, but already with some cases of outbreaks, a cruise that landed in the country and some places where there were parties and gatherings (in Rio de Janeiro the cases tripled after the parties, according to the website uol), show that the new variable is really conducive to high contagion, and vaccines are not effective, even for those taking the third dose.

There is a speech, coming mainly from the political area, that the new variant means a herd immunity, that is, it would be the final phase of the pandemic, but it is not proven that this infection would cause some type of immunity and that there would be no new possibilities of variants, and there are already cases of double infection of H3N2 and the omicron variant, called flurone, are different viruses of course and the treatment is more complex for this, also the effects of this combination must be analyzed more precisely.

There are specific measures in cities and states, while the government follows its line of denial, but the absence of general protocols indicates little awareness, after two years of pandemic, of the importance of co-immunity, that is, no treatment should be isolated or only punctual, but having general protocols, for example, for flights, ships that dock in ports, cities with large populations, events and parties, etc.

Simple vaccination, which must not stop, of course, may be ineffective in combating a variant that circumvents the effects of the vaccine and having a much greater dissemination power.

Also monitoring, which is necessary and should be accompanied by testing, is a measure of delaying the dangers and preventions that must anticipate the danger of a tragedy.