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An appeal for peace

26 Jan

Tensions on the borders between Russia and Ukraine are growing, after stationing more than 100,000 men in the northern region of Russia, to the north, while a good region of Ukraine continues with conflicts in the cities of Luhansk and Donesk, where the rebels pro-Russians still control part of the territory and it is a region where more than 50% of the population speaks Russian as their native language.

The crisis already reached its peak in 2014, when Ukrainians deposed pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, in demonstrations that became known as EuroMaidan because most Ukrainians supported joining the Eurozone and the president did not, after several battles, some bloody with armed struggles, the president was deposed and Petro Poroshenko was elected, who promised to fight corruption and pacify the country, and in 2019 the screenwriter and actor Volodymyr Zelensky was elected, Ukraine is semi-presidential, so the prime minister effectively governs, currently is Denys Shmygal.

Elections will take place next year and the president occupies the third position, so Russia knows the internal fragility, while making Ukraine a NATO country means the defeat of pro-Russian forces operating in the Luhansk and Donesk region.

The talks that are taking place today with the presence of France, Germany and Ukraine with Russia will have as their main agenda the issue of the internal conflict in northern Ukraine, since the United States and the United Kingdom follow a line of confrontation with Putin and not rule out economic punishments, and in case of invasion retaliation, both countries have already sent troops and armaments in support of Ukraine, as have Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, while Belarus (which borders Ukraine) received fighter jets and weapons.

Russia has carried out war exercises in the Black Sea and is expected to do joint training with Belarus next month, as negotiations ramp up Putin while increasing pressure with military forces at the borders, repeating that he does not intend to invade Ukraine but the The list of demands it makes is huge, the main one being that Ukraine not join NATO, but it doesn’t give in to anything.

China’s position is discreet so far, just remember that China is Ukraine’s biggest trading partner and a major buyer of grain and meat.

However, the current crisis is already compared to the missile crisis in Cuba in the 60’s, more precisely in 1962 when the world was close to a world war.

As of today (26/01) Ukraine government websites have suffered a strong hacker attack and few government systems are down, in response a cyberattack on Belarusian railways brought trains to a standstill.