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In times of crisis: where is the clearing

01 Jul

Man dreams of traveling to the Earth’s “neighborhood” that is man’s journey to Mars, James Webb will go into operation in July looking to the ends of the universe, but the closest reality within the planet is the announcement of a probable recession , even if the war ends.

So what happens before our eyes, how is it possible to find the clearing in this environment?

In the conclusions of the World Forum meeting held in May in Davos, Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup, one of the largest banks in the world, said: “Europe is right in the middle of the storms” and contrary to what was imagined, even though Russia face problems, the recession will be worldwide.

Long before the current crisis Edgar Morin and Patrick Viveret wrote “How to live in a time of crisis?”, the answer was to seek more solidarity and understanding did not seem to foresee a pandemic and a war, also Peter Sloterdijk when writing If Europe Awakens, looked to the lacerated post-war Europe of 1945 as a metaphor for modernity, although it foresaw a violent slide in American politics, but perhaps also did not envision a war.

The answer of everyone who goes in the herd or swarm (term used by Byung-Chul Han) to the media behaviors of our time, would be let’s go to war too, finally weapons, may seem obvious, but not for those looking for reason ex-istential of our experience.

There is no escape from reality, much less alienation, it is precisely its opposite, to find within the real the truth of what the Being is, its design and realization, within today, the only contact with eternal time, since yesterday no longer exists. and the future is now even more uncertain, not the Self.

Where would an asceticism with spirituality be, where would we look at our planetary pace, and how would we look at infinity through the eye of the James Webb telescope, with a skeptical look, of possibilities of escape or with the great that the universe reveals itself before the spark earthy?

Times of refuge, but even more especially of soul refuge, within what is the most essential of Being, to which philosophies, ideologies and even most religions do not respond, all seem to say the sameness of save yourself who can, everything is allowed and war.

Who are the closest beings around you? Where is your heart and soul in the face of such real threats? A feeling of protection or abandonment? anyway where is the clearing?

We only respond to the “truth”, that said to the mirror and not to audiences and lives, only those who find the essence of Being respond, there are fewer and fewer possible escapes.

To those who believe, it is necessary to answer Jesus’ question to his closest disciples, to those who lived next to him and shared everything, food, worries and wanderings, “who do men say that I am?” and it was Peter who answered Mt 16:16: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God”, and Jesus promises him the keys of heaven, not only as the eternal, but also “the truth”.

Popularly in Brazil we celebrate Saint John Saint Anthony with Parties, Pedro not so much.