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The bridges of Königsberg and the paradox of war

05 Jul

The city Konigsberg (today Kaliningrad of Russia) was a German city in East Prussia, after the second world war it lost possession to Russia, which sent settlers there, it had 7 bridges before the war and the inhabitants wondered if it was possible to a walk through all the bridges, passing once through all of them.

The problem was solved by Euler (who was Swiss) by building a mathematical model that was later called a graph, where nodes and edges connect, and which today is important to think about models of Social Networks (which are the relationships between nodes and that are not necessarily made by the media), and the fact of turning around the same node indicates a “social” relationship of two directions, in a certain sense, of reciprocity.

Euler proved that it was not possible to do the walk without crossing the same bridge twice, and in the graph drawing you can try to do this exercise and realize that in fact this is the answer.

The region that today belongs to Russia is a military base outside the Soviet Union, as Lithuania and Poland are on the way, and Belarus, although it is Russia’s military ally at the moment, although very close to Kaliningrad does not have a direct passage.

The war problem worsened when Russia carried out mock tests of nuclear-capable missiles on May 4, 2022, and Lithuania recently blocked trains crossing the country from Russia from passing through its territory, confiscating the goods.

Thus, the bridges that were previously destroyed for the passage of military weapons in the 2nd. World war, now break out in a dangerous scenario where broken social relations create a new paradox, as Kaliningrad is in practice the southernmost nuclear point and closest to countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and France, and has a considerable nuclear arsenal in that ” oblast”.

Recently, a former general and now Russian deputy Andrey Gurulyov stated that the first target in a probable 3rd. War would be London and that global conflict arose from the Kaliningrad blockade.

Bridges are missing and walls are being built, experts say that war is unlikely, hopefully, the greatest paradox of a world war today will be the loss of a civilizational perspective.