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Covid 19: increase and new variant

18 Jul

We have only posted the number of infections that experience a significant increase, but a recent report by CNN warns that the number of deaths has increased by 67% in the last month and the data is worrying, the new variant BA.5 seems to be linked to the fact.
According to CNN itself, Japan experiences a record of more than 110,000 cases, which made Prime Minister Fumio Kishida say on Thursday (14/07) that the wave is spreading quickly and asked for special care on holidays and weekends.
In Brazil it is no different, we posted the number of deaths (see the graph above) just to alert the seriousness, since the current wave has not represented a great concern in the eyes of the authorities, although experts are already starting an alert because of the new variant.
Experts detected the BA.4 and BA.5 variants in South Africa and then started monitoring it in the UK, the US and now it spreads across Europe.
The most worrying thing is that it even affects people who have had Covid recently,
These subvariants that emerged from the “original” omicron were added to the World Health Organization (WHO) watch list in March of this year and also ended up designated as variants of concern in Europe.
The important thing is to point out that as the virus spreads (that is, it continues to circulate) it allows new mutations, so even immune and asymptomatic people should have the same care as others.
An awareness campaign is needed, and there are few campaigns in this direction.