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Our daily bread

27 Jul

I read last year that China told the people to stock up on food, it seemed that it was due to the Pandemic, but at the end of the year that the Pandemic was already showing signs of retreat, the news remained, this time in greater prominence appearing on visible channels, such as CNN.
When the war in Ukraine started, it seemed something more evident, and the impact on the economy is great, because something called market commoditization occurs, that is, the main reference becomes various commodities, such as fertilizers, for example, that Russia is a major producer, in addition to food as stronger references than currencies.
To understand the war from the point of view of the market, we have already posted that the worst origin is xenophobia, which means the hatred fomented between peoples, let’s look at the world’s largest food producers, China was by far the world’s largest agricultural producer in 2020 , India is the second largest producer in terms of population, its production in 2020 was estimated at US$ 403.5 billion, followed by the United States.
Brazil and Russia follow closely behind what has ensured the significant increase and diversification of field production in recent decades, we have already posted (the previous post) the importance of Ukraine and the strangulation of these markets by war is a growing concern, which explains why For example, Russia’s interest in Black Sea ports and NATO now in the already admitted entry of Finland and Sweden into the bloc.
Drone spraying, the use of remote sensing and machines with sophisticated digital controls such as GPS and various sensors, increase the so-called digital agriculture, but this will not prevent countries with low production and dependent on exports from suffering.
It is already inevitable that poor countries dependent on food exports suffer, we have moved from the culture of solidarity to help them, to that of survival due to war, they are the invisible scourges of war, the poor peoples and populations of the planet.