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Imbalance and false treasures

28 Jul

It is food and public goods (water, energy and sanitation) that are the real basic inputs of the population, but it is what you see little in advertisements, they show riches that are accessible to few and only remember the real ones at election time.
Talking about hunger has already been the slogan of many elections, all over the world, but the conditions that are sustainable for this are little or almost never understood, and they depend on a greater balance of world markets and guarantees of imports and exports of basic inputs, including for health.
Economic crises, basically, is an imbalance between the production and distribution of essential goods and consumption, and they arise in isolated sectors of the economy, it is not necessary that there is a shortage of various goods, it is a cascading imbalance and capital and stock exchanges are more reflections than origin of these crises, which include wars and revolutions.
Also natural factors can influence (droughts, floods, epidemics or some major event like an earthquake or an atomic crisis that is now possible).
Thus, the real treasures must be those that lead humanity to greater balance and sustainability, including care for nature, as the production of food, energy and even less essential consumer goods depend on it.
The real treasures like this, even if we only think of the earthly, forgetting about the spiritual ones that give us comfort and true joy, are those that provide a greater civilizing understanding, tolerance between races and cultures, and those that include the spiritual plane.
The growing culture of individualism, hatred (of different types), the accumulation of goods as a symbol of happiness, consumption even of the human body and mind lead to the opposite path of those who want to build real treasures.
Illusions pass, the moth consumes, time rusts or rots, but what remains is essential and a true spiritual asceticism depends on it, a good that glimpses future generations, and for those who believe, eternity.
So the current crisis is at its base a crisis of thought, of ethical and solidary values, of mutual respect and of a clarity about what it means to build true