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China and Taiwan prepare for war

09 Aug

Long before the visit of the US Mayor Nancy Pelosi, on Taiwan, the crisis of China and Taiwan grown up, we had already posted here the intensification of the Chinese struggle to regain possession of the Island of Taiwan, which since 1949, when China became communist, declared itself an independent democratic republic.

In the post at the time, we show of the countries that voted for resolution 2758 (from 1971), 35 voted for Taiwan, 76 in favor of the presence of the People’s Republic of China (mainland China) as the representative entitled to a seat at the UN, and so on. Taiwan was left without representation.

The map of the six Chinese exercise areas, wrote former Australian General Mick Ryan on his Twitter, “clearly traces where the Chinese think the main operational areas are for their strategic deterrence of Taiwan”, Mick Ryan is an adjunct member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, showing that the Chinese tactic is to strangle and isolate the rebel island.

The island with 23 million inhabitants, has consolidated itself with an increasingly independent economy, and is the leader of the world semiconductor market, currently has 54% of the market for chips made by its company TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and this is a strong reason for dispute, as Chinese electronics companies have high growth.

Taiwan’s defense tactics are not clearly exposed, apparently the Chinese provocation did not trigger the island’s alarms and sirens, the island’s defense strategy entitled “Porcupine” is not clearly exposed, but unlike the Ukraine war it may attack areas China’s internal affairs, which according to this strategy would have long and painful “inflammation” periods.

The archipelago of Taiwan has several small islands and on one of them, the tips aviadas to avoid landings are the ones that most resemble the quills of pigs.

The difference in military contingent and armament is huge, but the Americans promise direct help to the small island, of course this whole scenario is regrettable and not very desirable for world peace.

Japan had part of its maritime area invaded and protested with energy promising to respond, in short, it is an increasingly dangerous scenario and it is necessary for the peacekeeping forces to be mobilized.

The threatened peace is increasingly a civilizing distress call open to humanitarian forces.