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Repentance, Grace and Gratitude

07 Oct

When we are able to meet the Other, forgive him and also repent for what did not go well in this meeting, we find space in life for grace and gratitude, not by chance one is derivative of the other.

Gratitude does not exclude but overcomes bad feelings from our lives, excess positivity can also lead to demands and perfectionism that do not lead to an encounter, but the exclusion of the Other, tolerating small faults, which are often just differences, is necessary to attain grace, and grace when it comes to us must find gratitude.]

Many remember to ask for graces, when they don’t ask God, they ask some form of false mysticism or false gods, to find cosmic energies, which in fact exist, but will only have an ex-sistence if they are in front of the Being, the one who is and the one which has always been, after all, the most current theory in physics is that before the Big Bang there was already something, so something beyond this ex-sistence, a pure Being.

So a true philosophy of grace must lead to gratitude, it’s not just the Universe and luck that conspire, or even some “secret” that would be pure positivity, it can be illusory.

So gratitude removes feelings of evil and intolerance from our lives, includes people who are actually good and increases our potential for good virtues.

In the biblical passage where 10 lepers are healed, only one returns to thank Jesus,

When Jesus saw him, he asked where the others were (Lk 17:17-19): “Were not ten healed? And the other nine, where are they? 18 Has anyone returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?” 19And he said to him, “Get up and go! Your faith has saved you.”

Ingratitude not only drives away grace, but explains its absence and the difficulty of living in environments of harmony, sincerity and peace.