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The seeds of peace

25 Oct

The seeds of life, however small they may be, rise like trees after germinating, those who wish to have desert areas need to throw strong vermifuges and pesticides on them that do not allow any form of life to start.

So it is by limiting the entry into the life of any seed and its collaborators the fertilizers that contain microorganisms that we limit the growth of life, the desert area can look clean and even in a way beautiful, and this is the modern misconception, not allowing life evolve.

It may seem contradictory, but the land is not impoverished by those who add pesticides to plant monocultures, yes the fruits seem “less perfect”, but imperfection can be part of the land, recent discoveries show that certain fungi save bananas that are doomed to no longer bear fruit.

Such is the purity of life, the desire to eliminate “enemies” from life that we end up eliminating life itself, every ideal of “purity” ends up killing the possibility of life, we have already posted here about the “communities of the elect” in the religious case and in the political case it is “ideological purity”.

Nazism also spoke of racial purity, in short, it is enough to allow the tiny seeds to develop, under water and protection from the sun, of course, that they themselves will give rise to life.

‘Social polarization is nothing but two clashing ideas of ‘purity’, both of which limit life where diversity must be allowed to grow and conflicts must be seen as a good opportunity for dialogue.

The biblical compares the origin of life to a mustard seed, a tiny seed that gives rise to a leafy tree.