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Humility is special virtue

01 Nov

Brazilian dictionaries present humility, “the virtue with which we manifest the feeling of our weakness or of our little or no merit”, while the second considers it the “virtue characterized by the awareness of one’s own limitations”, or, “a feeling of weakness, inferiority, in relation to someone or something”, but weakness here is the way to overcome it and not simple unhappiness.

When we know what we are weak, we start to try to overcome by different paths from those that weakened us and so it is not by expressing pride or incomprehension that we will overcome what makes us fragile.

The word humility thus comes from humus, which means something that perishes to give life to the new, [and fertilization and seeds that die to give life, if it does not die, it will not bear fruit.

It is true that the concept in common sense has been misrepresented, for example, she is a “humble” person only in the sense of poverty or social fragility, but they are often people who struggle and who deserve all social respect, even if society as a whole don’t value it.

There is no personal growth without humility, it creates presumptuous and resentful people, people incapable of reflecting on error, on tolerance and on the difference of opinions and concepts.

So pride becomes arrogance, the idea that someone is something that in reality is not, we have already posted about ostentation, that person who has riches, but is poor in its use or in generosity with others.

Unbelief is pride, says the biblical verse (Mt 5:3): “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”, having this type of humble means accepting divine wisdom, which surpasses all knowledge. human.