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Live like it’s the last day

02 Nov

Days of anguish and euphoria in which one broods over the past and rambles on about the future, but the day of the dead is for thinking that we have an end to earthly life and we must live each day as the last, and at the same time we must think what exists on the other side, even if there is nothing, what legacy we leave, the goods will only serve for disputes, the gestures and attitudes that will remain.

The prudent man always thinks that there may be a moment of departure and tries to leave the house in order, to weigh less on his neighbors and the people he passed by, he left a message of love and hope.

What we do in secret will be revealed in the light of day, so the search for justice could not be far from looking for the light, it could not be far from moral and cultural values ​​that promote peace and the good of humanity.

There is a little thought value that is the ability to forgive and start over, many injustices that occur are personal, but we must take a step forward and ask and wish well for these people too, in short, forgive those who will never be able to ask for forgiveness, see the previous post, there is a pride in these people and this will always lead them to error.

We also have flaws and mistakes and we must be able to recognize and go through different paths and if we have wronged someone to have the courage to heal and repair that mistake, a simple sincere request for forgiveness is a balm in the lives of many “resentful” people.

Although he abandoned his Lutheran origins, Nietzsche wrote about a great Christian, opposing resentment to oblivion, in his book Genealogy of Morals, he saw the resentful type as the one who does not channel his hatred outside, but in himself, building a kind of imaginary revenge, that is, self-destructive.

There is a quote attributed to Shakespeare: “holding a resentment is like taking a poison and waiting for the other to die”, and it is a type of feeling that prevents us from living the present moment fully.