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The mistake and the new way

03 Nov

Not everything that seems lost is in fact, it is always possible to get back on the path, a new breath, learning from the mistakes of the past, and we all make mistakes, but few are willing to resume a path and move on.

Those who are not willing should not be considered lost either, with patience and without prejudice it is possible to show that there is a path of serenity, solidarity and a happy life, empathy and patience are needed for this.

On the other hand, the conviction that one is on the right path can lead to mistaken dogmatisms (the dogma of faith, for example, must be the dogma of the merciful and not of the accusers), and also those who think they are right may be going for crooked affections, it is need dialogue.

If we are certain and convinced that our righteousness and clarity can help to find what is lost then we must have an empathic, patient and resilient attitude, in dark times radicalization is a bad advisor and can lead to greater losses than those thought lost. .

There is a biblical parable in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 15:4) that speaks of the lost sheep, that there is more joy in finding it than the flock that walks together, so launching the search for the distant, for the different is first of all wisdom and way.

The biblical parable says that there is more joy in heaven over one lost sheep that has been found than over a hundred that are already in the fold.

Also in another passage it is said that when he finds her he will take care of the wounds, treat them with food and provide conditions for recovery, so patience and empathy must remain present.

A hostile and violent environment does not favor meeting, but disagreement, hatred and this only leads to error and more lost paths.