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Christianity and business

09 Nov

A society embodies values ​​in its form of organization, so a market-based society might imagine that everything is a market, including religion and politics, but it is not.

Politics must take care of the common good and religion must emphasize the spiritual aspects, it does not mean that humans do not exist, but transforming it into a commerce is to change its essence.

It is not about any specific religion or belief, all those that are commercialized end up confusing their true values ​​with those that modern society has incorporated, business, sale and exchange, in short, values ​​that are not those that in fact make an asceticism.

All religions are subject to this, all can turn into business, but there is nothing divine about it, its essence is just business and the ways to justify it.

Christianity is no different, there were no signs of wealth in Jesus, it is also true that he did not live an austere life, as was the case of John the Baptist, his precursor, they even said that he was a glutton and a drinker, he liked good food and left his memorial on a table (eucharist).

A biblical passage recalls that Jesus was revolted when he saw the commerce in a temple (2Cor 6,16) and made a whip of ropes to drive out “along with the sheep and the oxen; scattered the coins and overturned the tables of the money changers”, it is not by chance that these are the ones who cling to earthly power.

The best example of a disciple of Jesus and who is venerated in many religions was Francis of Assisi, son of a fabric millionaire, he decided for a humble life and full of sacrifices, and even Francis was a lover of nature and is also remembered for this.

A song by this great Christian character also says that he was a man of peace, and in the song there is a passage that says: “where there is hate, let me take love”, the world needs love.

We are approaching the end of the year, strange because it is a year of the World Cup for those who like football, but also the end of the year, that we can find peace and love again.