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Apostasy, Heresies and the Future

11 Nov

Whenever an earthly power is in check, it is common to claim a divine power that would be above the human to justify heretical or apostate attitudes.

Human beliefs are also not excluded from this analysis, believing that there are magic formulas to solve historical and cultural problems of a people is a form of heresy, as social and economic studies are not limited to this topic, there is always a dose of empiricism. .

It is even joked among economists that economics is not an exact science, but entirely empirical, it is an adventure that can lead to great misunderstandings, it is not by chance that Karl Marx studied Adam Smith and David Ricardo, the greatest economists of his time and who were conservatives and thus what does not undergo studies are nothing more than social and human beliefs and heresies.

Apostasy goes to the empirical field of religions, where there are pre-established dogmas and doctrines and in order to modernize them false religions are created and which almost always, in rare cases, fall into social and human values ​​that have nothing or little relationship with faith.

In this week’s posts, we point out three apostasies, the human power that is confused with that of God, the financial values ​​that are confused with the values ​​of the one who wants to domesticate God in a specific locus, a temple or place, without considering his presence among men. , especially, those who are not in apostasies or heresies.

There is a last one related to power, common in our time, which is that of prophecies, which is a type of apostasy, Jesus when questioned said: “You do not know the hour or the day” (Mt 24:36), and even more so in a passage soon forward the parable that says that if the owner of the house went up what time the thief would come, Mt 24:43-44.

It is a fact that there are many false prophets, most of them, and there are rare and in fact authentic revelations, but we will only know at an “unexpected” hour, also in the time of Jesus, many called themselves the prophet, and John the Baptist who is the last and greatest of the prophets, said it was not him.

These are dark times and great changes, opportunists abound, but there is a true faith and hope in those who are in the true “locus” of the presence of Love among us.