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The Christmas Scandal

14 Dec

One can only think of negative scandals: corruption, immorality or wars, but there is no greater scandal than a God becoming mortal and coming into the world through a normal birth.

It is not just the fact that he was born, but in a simple way, at a time when a census was being taken and this is important because it was contact between mortals, with a strong persecution of Herod who had heard that the king of the Jews would be born, and thought into a human power, which means it would lose its power given by the Roman Empire.

In addition to this scandal of a God who lowers himself by coming to inhabit the land of mortals, his life will be marked by many extraordinary facts, cures, deviations from the religious power established by the Jews, even though they were the promised people, after all Jesus was born a Jew, adopted son of the descent of David by Joseph and his mother the Jewish Mary.

Many were the prophets of that time, and many proclaimed themselves the messiah, and even among those closest to Jesus, doubts continued about who he really was, Jesus himself asks his disciples who the people think he is who the disciples think he is, in fact he is not and ‘something simple to believe, it is a scandal for a God to become mortal.

Even John the Baptist who is the last prophet, and the one who announced the coming of the Savior, sends his disciples to personally ask Jesus if in fact he is what everyone expects at that time.

Jesus’ response is based on facts (Lk 7:20-23): “Go and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead rise and the good news is announced to the poor “, happy is he who is not scandalized because of me!”.

In fact, today it is no longer a scandal, indifference or contempt predominates, even within cults and temples there is a certain normality and they confuse the divine Christian culture with the worldly one, the scandal is even those who say they believe invented a God so human , which is no longer the one who came into the world (an advent), but a normal period of festivities and passing joys.