Public Debt and year of Soccer Cup

27 Dec

We commented last year that it was time to curb public debt in Portuguese clearer, DividaPublicastop the spending spree like we’re a millionaire and no poor country.

Based on inaccurate data, the government will not disclose their spending spree despite making the greatest propaganda surrounding the “public transparency ” , the second debt inaccurate IPEA (Govern Applied Research Institute) and UnB (University of Brasilia) is somewhere around U.S. $ 2.8 trillion .

As will be this year, is expected to increase , now imagine we have a GDP of around U.S. $ 3.5 trillion, and GDP (gross domestic product) this year should be a lower GDP, means we are committing almost all national income .

Pray the playbook of good economy , that if you are committing half of their income on debt , is compromising the household budget .

To be clear, you win US$ 1,500 and has debts of around US$ 1,000 which is a your chance to get out of it ? If you economize and not save ?

Yeah we are in year Soccer Cup with delayed and spending works (see last corruption of the minister Renan) without much awareness, imagine the movie that goes on in people’s heads for 2014 ?


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