Hamburg: city green

19 Feb

HamburgAn ambitious plan was announced to create the first city completely sustainable, Hamburg called the European Green City in 2011, now wants to have the incredible 27 square miles of new and existing green areas all over the city of Hamburg in Germany. 

The result expected is that it becomes a city that puts nature within easier reach of every resident; becomes more resilient to flooding caused by global warming; and provides enough connectivity for walking and cycling to become car-optional citywide in 20 years.

Angelika Fritsch, a spokeswoman for the city’s department of urban planning and the environment said to the news paper, The Guardian:

“[The plan] will connect parks, leisure areas, playgrounds, gardens and cemeteries through green paths.  Other cities, including London, have green rings, but the green network will be unique in covering an area from the outskirts to the city centre.  In 15 to 20 years you’ll be able to explore the city exclusively on bike and on foot.”


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