Forbers Magazine and hackers

20 Feb

LinkedinHackers supposedly linked to the Syrian government reportedly invaded the website of Forbes magazine, changed reports of  the blog and captured more than a million data that the magazine has, since it is specialized in economics and publishes some data on big fortunes.

The information was published later by an account of this group on Twitter and confirmed by Forbes on its Facebook page, but Forbes did not say exactly which volume and what data was stolen, only advised users to change the password.

The group has reportedly conducted 25 attacks and there are speculations that it could make  a cyber attack together with Iran against the United States.

Forbes magazine on the other hand, had recently launched an overpriced digital media companies rank, highlighting the company LinkedIn, with Facebook in second and Apple third place.

The rank takes into account only companies that have income over $ 150 million or more have a minimum market value of $ 500 million and are publicly traded. That is why companies like Twitter will not appear, and Google appears only in 17th place..


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