Printed wikipedia!

24 Feb


The PediaPress publisher wants to print a thousand books from the English Wikipedia, the online edition has over 4 million articles only in this language, and its goal is to raise $ 50K with crowdfunding, and each copy should have 1.2 million pages.

The books will be displayed in London Wikimania, an annual conference of the Wikipedia community, and since it wants to make a thousand copies in print duplex, it should reach 600 thousand sheets of paper, but the company guarantees that it will use trees from sustainable forests for the paper and the hardcover.

The participation in the project is made by the site: Indiegogo, of collective funding, the publisher’s headquartered is in Germany and it has 47 days  for the event to reach the value, we entered the site and at the moment of this post, there were just over $ 10,000 collected.


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