A dialogue between texts production & Technology

28 Feb

The Job is of the researcher Melina Aparecida Custódio, guided by the professor Roxane Rojo of the IEL, Institute of Linguistic Studies at Unicamp, who realized that individualized and hierarchical knowledge did not motivate the students. EscreverTextos

Observing the way the youth interacted in and with internet and working with the fiction/novel gender, she decided to use collaborative skills and knowledge that are part of their reality for the production of texts and noticed that it was working better for involving the students.

Without forgetting social and cultural issues which are in the many uses of the language, for her (Melina Custódio) “it it is most appropriate  concerning the discussion of the role of the teacher, which facing this perspective, cannot have his role reduced to a simple transmission of data”, according to the site of Unicamp



In the development of the topic “Written production at school, the new technologies and the youth cultures: possible dialogues” master’s thesis, she (Melina Custódio) concluded that the change in the student’s attitude happens when students themselves take on the role of the teacher and can manifest themselves on the mistakes of their colleagues such as those related to formal rules of the language.



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