Listening to the Big Bang

19 Mar

On this Monday (03/17) Scientists at the Center for Astrophysics (CfA),BigBang the Harvard Smithsonian Institute obtained the “first direct evidence of cosmic inflation”, ie the “noise ” of the explosion that gave birth to the universe 14 billion years ago .

These remarks were made in a telescope at the South Pole and means that the existence of these ripples of space-time , an echo of the Big Bang , which happened in the first split second of the existence of the entire universe whose expansion is called ” cosmic inflation ” , but which until now had not been observed .

The existence of these ripples of space-time , first echo of the Big Bang , which demonstrates experimentally that this was extremely rapid expansion of the universe in the first fraction of a second of its existence , a phase known as cosmic inflation .

According to John Kovac , professor of astronomy and physics at the CfA , ” The detection of these waves is one of the most important goals of cosmology today and the result of an enormous amount of work done by a lot of scientists.”


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