What is at stake in the Civil Marco

21 Mar

With the addition of part of the allied government and the opposition base, the issueMarcoCivl of  Marco Civil (brazilian Cyber Law) reached a level of complexity ( as further vote) because blocão called that took the most government in the House has a ” business vision ” this theme because it can remove net neutrality, ie to give greater powers to companies civilians.

The attempt was foiled vote this week , one of the tactics to force the government to negotiate is called locking the agenda, I mean take the agenda matters which are of interest to the government, but some are of brazilian public interest as Marco Civil.

Civil Marco internet project which sets out rules on Internet use in Brazil . After tentative agreement to vote on the matter on Wednesday , 19 , the mayor , Henrique Eduardo Alves ( PMDB -RN ) , argued that the government realizes the last meeting to try to reach a consensus and voting on the matter ” irreversibly ” next week .

Eduardo Alves who is the president of the Camera said : ” There would be risks to get to the vote and , with obstruction, do not vote . Invite the Minister ( of Justice) José Eduardo Cardozo ( … ) for the last meeting about the Civil Marco . Tomorrow is the showdown . Or we all woke us, or we to dispute what you can not wake up. But from next Tuesday will be irreversibly voted the Marco Civil. This house will have to have unlocked the agenda.”

Unfortunately the fact of keeping Brazilian data in national data centers , and preserve net neutrality , important to national citizenship points , can be relegated to the background , and even this be negotiated by the government .


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