Brazilian network in elections

28 Oct

AminhaEsquerdaThe numbers were impressive, the elections involved 48.3 million people on Facebook, almost 54% of users in the country, showing that elections are definitely on the era of electronic media networks.

The number is triple the previous record of the election period, when 227 million interactions recorded in India election this year, but in a country of 1.252 billion, ie six times more than Brazil and twice netizens, according to the Facebook itself.

The director of institutional relations of Facebook in the country, Bruno Magrana said to the news agencies that Brazilian elections were “one of the biggest events experienced on the platform this year,” but we still need to use dialogue and not to harm.

The attendance was bigger than the World Cup, when the social network reached three billion interactions, but largely by political demonstrations on the World Cup, although it is debatable effective politicization, the number of people who attended and opined it is important to the advancement of democracy in Brazil.


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