Exhusted, Framented Politics and networking

31 Oct

PoliticaThe policy we have today in the world and not just here level, was well summarized by Edgar Morin in his book, “Earth Homeland”, showing that the diverse aspects of contemporary life are fragmented and exhausted that includes economics, technical, medicine, biology, etc. and the various manifestations of discontent in the networks are not heard.

Morin says you have to take a “man” who “should take the multidimensionality and all human problems, but without becoming totalitarian” (Morin, 2001, pg. 155).

This policy needs “technicality, of scientism, but should not undergo the specialization system that destroys the global, and the fundamental responsibility” (ibid, pg. 155).

Although numbers are presented by sector, is in overall everything is extremely flawed, there is no indication of change unless what Morin calls himself “providential and religious way, totalitarianism expressed characteristics of contemporary politics that touches all aspects of human life “(ibid, p. 154).

The social media networks are forms of empowerment and answers the absence of a comprehensive policy able to respond to social demands, which also sometimes is subject to manipulation, but it becomes a stronghold for consciousness realize that the absence of a global policy, which makes the harmonic ensemble of the social forces advance.

Morin, E. EarthHomeland: A Manifesto for the New Millennium, Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity and the Human Sciences, 1999.


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