Technology in Umbrella Revolution

17 Nov

RevGuardaChuvaChina new live moments of protests calling for democratization, the app called FireChat allows the exchange of messages between the protesters could reach the number of 10 000 simultaneous conversations, as affirmed by The Verge.
The incorporation of modern technologies in protests is not new, but the diffusion of Firechat being important to keep people who are within a range of up to 70 meters, and this ensures the mobilization and became popular among festival goers contact.
Recently saxophonist Kenny G inconvenience caused to the Chinese government to appear between the manifestations of Hong Kong, also recorded the fact in his twitter, which made the island’s government warn the Chinese Foreign Ministry to get out of foreign affairs of the country.


The ties between China and Hong Kong are ambiguous, since it was given some freedom to Hong Kong, often described as one country and two systems in practice the island is important for relations with the capitalist world, but keep some traces of Chinese regime.


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