Google faces problems in Europe

28 Nov

Google$The European Parliament voted in favor to question Google, as a solution to end the complaints about the company favors in their search services, although it cannot on trade relations sent a clear message to commercial bodies.

The final decision will be in the hands of free trade commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who has worked in 2010 on anti-competitive case of Google’s rivals in 2010.

On the other hand, the US political and commercial organizations have expressed their dismay at the vote, saying the search giant acts legally.

According to the BBC data,, Google has around 90% of the share market, to research data in Europe, and rival asked to investigate four areas::

  • The manner in which Google displays its own vertical search services compared with other, competing products,
  • How Google copies content from other websites – such as restaurant reviews – to include within its own services,
  • The exclusivity Google has to sell advertising around the search terms people use, and,
  • Restrictions on advertisers from moving their online ad campaigns to rival search engines.

Restrictions on advertisers to move their online advertising campaigns to compete with search engines.
In the previous case, Joaquin Almunia (see our post) rejected the concessions made by Google, and suggested that the fine can be $ 5 billion.


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