Event discusses technology in education

11 Dec

AppEnsinoThe event held in Sao Paulo, sponsored by Santillana Foundation and UNESCO (a UN branch to culture and education), which discussed the direct correlation between the use of technology and better learning, but there was no consensus.
The final document stated that “The successful use of technology will always accompanied by reforms in other aspects – such as curriculum (school), assessment and professional development of teachers”, ie there will be only good use with good reforms.
Experts also said that internet, tablets, computers, applications and other platforms are used both to broaden students’ imaginations as assisting the teacher’s work, always having clear objectives, the result may have a positive impact not in the notes, because this can mean only a certain learning, but mainly to develop new skills and engagement of students.
In light of the debate BBC Brazil raised ten trends related to the use of technology in education, of which I highlight five essential: 1) Add value to the teacher’s work rather than replace it, 2) improve processes without changing them radically 3) the technology can be used to help to help teachers and students to work more abstract content, 4) the teacher becomes not only transmitter of knowledge, but rather a mediator – guiding students with instructions, feedback, context, examples and questions key, and, 5) is in science teaching, or spot is where most successful experiences forward with technology.
Brazil currently has platforms such as Padlet in which teachers and students collaborate in teaching.

The key is to plan and know that technology is an auxiliary, is not the essential teaching.


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