Brazil in the rapprochement US and Cuba

19 Dec

The Brazilian government, through the Foreign Ministry, praised Obama’sPortoMariel position and Castro rapprochement, after 53 years of cold war, in a statement released on Thursday (18/12).

The note also praised the efforts of His Holiness the Pope Francisco, “the important contribution that provided the diplomatic efforts”, and said that diplomats discreetly contacted the Brazil on the agreement, keeping the country informed of negotiations.

The blogger Yoani Sánchez, had a tumultuous visit to Brazil, said his Twitter, Yoani, that “an era ends” and he hopes “this new beginning has civil society as protagonist.”

For Brazil is a political victory, as always defended the end of the embargo, but the result of the economic views is still uncertain, the analysts  differ on how effective results to the communist island (which can only be enacted by the US Congress) could benefit the Brazilian government, which is guarantor of the largest private investment ever made in that country, the port of Mariel (photo).

The trade between Brazil and Cuba grew almost seven-fold, from $ 92 million in 2003 to $ 625 million in 2013. Brazil is the third largest trading partner of Cuba, after China and Venezuela.


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