Six lessons of wisdom from technology

20 Jan

InnerEarthNew technologies (or projects) require new way of thinking
The Bloodhound SSC project is expected to be the first land vehicle to break the barrier of the 1,000 mph (1,609 km / h), his biggest problem was reinventing the wheel, it is not the oldest invention, but how to design the fastest wheels in the world , able to remain stable and at supersonic speed and with limited financial resources?

According to the BBC technology, engineer Mark Chapman, “after hitting his head for four months,” understood that should use the new technologies of “new way,” said he, “What is unprecedented is the way we apply the technologies.”
Forming opinion from the evidence, not one’s own ideas
Geophysicist Steven Jacobsen at Northwestern University in the United States, among many other geophysical believed that the Earth’s water originated in comets.
But to study in depth the rocks as a way that scientists use to analyze the passage of time, he found water inside the ringwoodita in results January 2014 a mineral found in the Earth’s mantle, then found that the water is within the planets.

It takes more perspiration than inspiration
Yes it takes hard work, that understood the neuroscientist Sheila Nirenberg of Cornell University in New York who wanted to develop a new prosthesis to heal assist the blind, and thought only in the organs and not in information and their code in the brain.

So found a key element when decoded the project to decipher the code that transmits information between the eyes and the brain, neuroscientist reveals: “When I realized that, could not eat, could not sleep All I wanted was to work.” , the transmission of information was important more than the mechanisms.
Tomorrow we continue, but we must “not have ready answers”, “have the chance” that some call the conspiracy of the universe or God’s Will, and finally wisdom is something indefinable for it, even these six lessons are questionable too.


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