Birdman and Greek tragedy

16 Feb

I have been watching the movies, and the big screen does not lose its charms, I saw somethingBirdmanTragedy different than what was seen in interactive small screen, in part classical tragedy and partly something new, if tragedy is the ending of something sad, Birdman impressive.

I saw in the dialogue in which the daughter Lesley (Naomi Watts) with his father Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton), references to new media, questioning the father who does not know the influence of videos, blogs and facebook in public opinion, had realized is course, but the tone seemed more dramatic and a reinterpretation of their meanings.

The meaning is deeper if we understand the concern about the critical Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan) who writes in the New York Times and the unexpected success of a Riggan’s video on Youtube.

But in the end the tragedy also features a new, should normally end with a sad ending, and is and is not, as the film manages this? surprise that is in the air.

After all this, the fact Birdman also be a reference to major superheroes like Batman productions (which itself did Michael Keaton), Superman and other extra-mans, the film shows a tragedy of very human issues: greed , vanities, contests, anger, betrayal, etc.

After all, the link between the Fenix symbol (in Greek mythology, a bird that rises from the ashes dead), a reading of “Ash Wednesday” is possible in a non-theological version, so “you can change your life” (the book),  would say Peter Sloterdijck.


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