Numbers and more Jet Wash

26 Feb

LavaJatoBrazilian operation´s Lava Jato(Wash Jet$), which uncovered a true hydra of corruption at Petrobrás starts coming to politicians and from there you can begin to address barriers, but what has been done, that money was recovered?
As news of the Federal Public Ministry, is not only the judge Sergio Moro begins to suffer political attacks, disclose on their official website that the Lava Operation Jet already found a misuse of R $ 2.1 billion from Petrobrás.
When all are 232 companies and 150 people under investigation, 12 agreements were signed whistleblower award and 18 criminal charges against 86 people, some linked to political, but no politician can be quoted by name because of special privileges.
According to Paulo Roberto Costa, 60% of the fee was for political and 20% were divided between him and the scheme operator, the rest was to cover any operating costs: travel, accommodation and other expenses, all very “professional”.
There would be a list of politicians who would be delivered to the public this week, who are they, the political influence and government arms strive to hide this data.
Meanwhile, more branches are made this week by the country, wait!


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