The crisis of representative democracy

11 Mar

EmpowermentThe problem is not national, it is not only corruption, but the very essence of representative democracy is in check, some authors who descend background to the problem can shed light, most will be between cheerleaders of games, although there is a problem here, only is not limited here.
What happens, the pot-banging in Brazil and border manifestations against pro and the newly elected president Dilma, amid many legalistic arguments, I heard of brazilian congresswoman Mrs Erundina “the problem is political.”
Those who speak for this civilizational crisis are not the “power brokers” or elected by their skills, which in different ways in different systems, but they are always about influence of economic power, declare themselves democratic states and Rancière “For them , democracy is not a form of corrupt government, but a crisis of civilization that affects society and the state through it “, and yet the author says” The new hatred of democracy can then be summarized in a simple thesis: there is only one good democracy, that represses the catastrophe of democratic civilization, “who have this courage?
What happens is a misunderstanding of a direct democracy, demonstrations and active participation in social networks, aggressive sometimes true, but the central media is no longer a monopoly, now the power of the media is within reach of a mouse click



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