Internet Explorer will end

18 Mar

In 1990 was born the WWW (World Wide Web), soon after, in 1994, the Mosaic the first to incorporate text and images on theExplorer same page made by students of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and only later was born proprietary software (paid ) done by Microsoft Explorer.
The following year in October 1994, an article in Wired magazine pointed to the emergence of the browser as the responsible for making the online world in a “vast universe,” is written in the online magazine “You can come at any time and start wander without internet addresses or keyboard commands. ”

The explorer born of a version of Mosaic made by Spyglass company, which licensed its technology but not the source code, that is, is free but not open-source.
The first was paid browser Netscape Navigator, the main product of Netscape Communications Corporation and only in 1995 that he released a graphic version, called Netscape Gold, the browser then dominated in terms of usage share, but had no great survival in 2002 had almost disappeared.

Facing major problems with the market the Explorer continued releasing versions, often with problems, including legal problems had accused of market monopolization attempts, which for this reason had to incorporate some features of the Java language that was open source.

His debut on August 16, 1995, a reworked version of Spyglass Mosaic it is said that the team was 6 people in early development, six months later came the Windows NT, and versions have not stopped, recently reached Explorer version 9.

Windows 9 was launched in beta with full support for CSS 3 and other properties, but the company has already announced the end of this versioning


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