Facebook and Europe: accessions and criticism

31 Mar

The number of accessions is increasing on Facebook, but the criticisms and concerns about privacy and individual rightsGrowingInternet is also evolving rapidly in Europe, where the number of accessions is not as great as in the Americas, Asia and even Africa which has the largest growth in number of subscriptions on the Internet as the site Internet World Stats.

But still the reactions are of various types, the European Commission recommended the citizens who do not want to have their personal data in the hands of US security services must avoid various media networks including Facebook, according to the newspaper “The Guardian” in the publication last Thursday, March 26th.

The suggestion, according to the English daily, was taken by attorney Bernhard Schima Commission, the prosecutor Yves Bot, at a hearing of a case in which they check the level of privacy in the social network.

Schima was an agreement between the EU and the US to exchange of personal data between the two regions, a process called Safe Harbour, what happens in reality is that states have an interest in controlling the information of citizens and this is still complicated.

The discussion was raised by Max Schrems activist, which campaigns for the right to privacy, for it is not incompatible exposure on the Internet and privacy, and governments can take care of it if they have interest, and he asks whether it is safe to send information to the US after Edward Snowden’s case, due to cyber monitoring by the US government.

The discussion is essential and is far from complete, missing the side of citizens.



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