Tongue in pieces

18 May

First run in São Paulo the show “A lingua em pedaços” (tongue in pieces) a work written by the Spanish Juan Mayorga, what’s playingGalileoDaugher on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Cultural Center Bank of Brazil talking about love, religion and misunderstanding, it’s about Teresa of Avila a nun who was also a poet and was proclaimed a saint by the Catholic church.

The theme of the Inquisition which is usually seen only by non-Christians, now seen from the inside as Teresa of Avila was also a victim of these processes and many, many people who believe they are victims of various types of exclusion because they are religious.

The play “The Language in Pieces” then shows a fictional encounter between religious and an inquisitor who accuses her of subversion and heresy; it is not inversion of values, but to show that true Christians to the inquisition was rather absurd, the very Galileo Galilei, few know was religious, and the life of his daughter, religious Virginia, is in the book “Galileo’s Daughter,”  writer by Dava Sobel.

Besides writer, Santa Teresa founded seventeen convents of Discalced Carmelites throughout Spain and ahead of its time, it was persecuted by the conservative sectors of the late sixteenth century.

The actor Antony Pâmio that makes the fictional Inquisitor explains his character: “It’s theatrical Santa Teresa was in fact persecuted by the Church But that man was created in the show so that the text suggests that she suffered from this situation..” He explains the actor.

It is good to discuss the issue of religion away from prejudices and fallacies.


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