Down economy in Brazil: time to save

20 May

Several websites help consumers make savings in Brazil, compare products, shops, airlineMeuCarrinho tickets, and there are those who give discount coupons for online stores, and show how to practice the best prices.

The Buscapé is undoubtedly one of the best sites to save, you will find it offers organized by category, if you want the best looking good this site.

Zoom and Bondfaro sites are strong competitors in the Buscapé comparison, a lesser-known but no less efficient the JáCotei, sites for buy in Brazil.

In order to provide comparative prices in supermarkets of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and some local Santa Catarina Meu Carrinho application Buscapé group, compares prices of 25 networks registered supermarkets, such as: Extra, Balcony Zone South, Sugar Loaf, Delivery, probe, pricesa, Mercaorama, Angeloni and others

To help finance people with financial problems, debts, insurance, cards and consortiums, also with health and education, Konkero is a portal that can help users a lot.

To buy and sell cars, check list prices, analyze different regions of the country iCarro site is one of the most versatile.

There are countless websites for travel, tours and flights, it is best to find what the best for the region, namely that companies make flights, including the possible hosting locations and verify that the packages are not cheaper.

But do not forget credit cards only last if necessary, overdraft use is almost a usury (reaches over 200% per year) and see what fits in the budget do not forget to make reservations for emergencies: the brakes in bags.


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