China Business

21 May

With a powerful but exploiting labor often slave industry, China is eyeing Latin America, and the impetus wasMapaTRansOcean2 given for the purchase of debt Argentina.

The Chinese Premier Li Kegiang is in the region and started the visit on Monday by Brazil and will have stops in Colombia, Peru and Chile, which would be at stake beyond business.

In areas such as strategic planning, transport, infrastructure, energy and agriculture many agreements have been signed, but the big deal would be a walkway across Latin America in the construction of a railroad between the Atlantic and the Pacific, but the subject is controversial, because part is building or in progress.

The point is that the region is expected to grow less than 1% and the highway would be strategic for the entry of products and also to the flow of raw materials to countries with the greatest needs and industrializariam resending to Brazil products already with aggregate values ​​and in this sense It would be just a “catwalk”.

The lack of infrastructure is precisely our biggest problem, but we can not sell us without getting a clear contrast, also ecological impacts should be thought.

The Transoceanic Railroad would cost is estimated at up to $ 10 billion (R$ 30 billion), can meet the needs of the various countries involved.


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