5 predictions that did not happen

22 May

IBM always makes five-year forecasts, before analyzing the 5 of the future (2015), let’s seePrevisoesFuturo if the 5 planned 2015 happened.

1 – Sensors in every corner, comes from the Internet of things technology being called RSSF, there are already some cities, businesses and even smart homes, but in fact this has not happened is a developing technology.

2 Cars “breathe” – the idea is that it can use the air, some kind of fuel and return the air pure mode, drive batteries and transistors allow the drinking devices to recharge the battery, so she breathe oxygen and turn into energy, there are now new types of lithium battery, for example, and electrical but effective use is still a promise.

3 Computers used to “warm” water, energy dissipate computers, and currently in speed range of 5MHz reached the limit of silicon computers, but the lost thermal energy of computers is not “collected” not exploited.

4-3D holograms, technology is under development but is still promising, the problem is both the processing speed, are billion pixels per second to be processed, as the amount of energy expended, no devices on the market only in laboratories, which we are 3D printers already on the market.

5-Intelligent transit, emerge a new intelligent GPS technology that would be able to identify alternative routes for the driver if an accident happens on the way that the user is doing, there were apps like Waze to guide drivers and at Heathrow Airport in England already There intelligent cars, but the streets of London not.

Even with the use of computers as an aid, not even the most advanced intelligence can predict the future, there is unpredictability in history, but it’s not the end of history.


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