Curve of Tecnologies adoption

25 May

The so-called Hype Cycle is a graphic presentation developed by Gartner to represent the appearance of cycles, CurveGartner
adoption, maturity and social application of specific technologies and can be used for investments and IT adoption in companies.

After the emergence and adoption by the market a technology must be accompanied by observing the cases of success and failure when it reaches a product, observe what happens in the inflated expectations of Pico is important to note the following point drop.

The next moment is marked by a fall by distrust of the market and must be carefully studied until the time it reaches the Peak of Trough of Disillusionment.

Then begins the time to maturity of the product and the market, it is easy to observe this moment, it is marked by a gentle Slope of Enlightenment.

The end of this curve is called the Plateau of Productivity in which the product is stable in the market and does not return to the previous period unless there is a obsolescence.


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