Gartner curve and technologies

26 May

Gartner research foundation published his Hypo Cycle in 2014, and among its forecastsCurvaGartner (taken debatable of course, for example, HTML5 is already a reality) seems that within two years we will have assistants to usable voice, 3D scanners in fast movement, reality in virtual layers in the “valley of disappointment”, the NFC is still stuck in the valley, which reminds me that we will see the iPhone 6 rise with a machine translation of voice, while still very slow, but at the end of maturity curve (speech recognition) and the beginning of the productivity curve.

The Internet of Things is at the peak of expectations, but then enters the valley of disappointment, and autonomous vehicles are already getting a little behind this peak, while gamification and augmented reality (virtual glasses are part of it) are in full diving in the valley the disappointment, but then they must take the ramp maturity.

Among the high expectations of the future, one highlight is the volumetric display holograms, quantum computing and the three-dimensional bioprinting able to create organic compounds and maybe even woven into three dimensional format, while only prostheses and three-dimensional molds.

On the other hand, three-dimensional scanners and printers on an industrial scale are already in the maturation curve and should achieve major market groups in the very near future.

They must be mature in the next two years the computing cloud and the proximity communication devices (Near Field Communication), while in the next five years will be in the market Communication Machine-to-machine and monitoring of health from a distance, of course this in part is already done, but still lack maturity.

Of course are only predictions, there are other search the curve


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