5 technologies that will change the world

27 May

The World Economic Forum experts brought together 18 experts and 10 innovations listed, highlight TecnologiasFuturofive and comment other five concern.

Powered hydrogen cars was a promise, experts now warn “only now the technology seems to have reached the point where manufacturers plan to incorporate it into releases for consumers.”

Only present in plants and simple tasks (how to collect dust), now the thousands of better and cheaper sensors will allow “robots are able to understand and respond to the environment around it. Their ‘bodies’ are becoming more adaptable and flexible, “said the experts.

Plastic “thermoset” make recycling undergoing a process once, which gives both durability and ease of recycling, their use in mobile phones, computers and aircraft, will change its recycling.


The artificial intelligence with smartphones recognizing the voice of its owner, cars that drive themselves or drones are already present, though experts had who are “stepping forward with machines able to learn independently assimilate large volumes of information” , inform the experts.


The idea of ​​decentralized manufacturing grew, you can now think of “smaller factories and locations receive instructions for making parts that can be assembled by the consumer or workshops own,” explains the forum.

The five possible forecasts more questionable is the “new techniques allow ‘edit’ the genetic code of plants to make them more nutritious or resistant to climate change,” the 3D additive manufacturing where “manufactured thus can be highly customized for each user, unlike products made with mass manufacturing processes, “the neuromorphic technology that could make a” transfer data between a memory and a central processor is that it uses large amounts of energy and generate a lot of heat “and intelligent autonomous drones.

Each of these last 5 has an outstanding period is the social disarray.


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