Brazilians soccer corruption

28 May

In the night of Wednesday to Thursday in Brazilian time, morning and Switzerland in a special operation, sevenOladoSujoSoccer major FIFA executives were arrested on charges of corruption, including José Maria Marin, former president and current vice CBF.

On Friday would be the election of new leaders of FIFA, in addition to 7 more defendants leaders are accused of extortion, fraud and conspiracy to launder money, also a search warrant at the headquarters of CONCACAF (Caribbean and Central and North America Confederation) in Miami was issued.

Corruption happened to the marketing rights and the Brazilian J.Hawilla, owner of Traffic, sports marketing company, is among the accused in addition to the leaders as early as December 2014 answered a process and the time has agreed to pay 151 million dollars.

In Brazil, Romario deputy, former player who played and won the World Cup 1994 in the United States, got the signatures to make a Investigation Comission (cpi) Brazilian 2014 World Soccer Cup, may finally have the truth about the fun splurges and made with public money during the World Cup , it will come the moment of truth.

Romario prefaced the book “O lado sujo do Futebol” (in english The dirty side of football) perhaps the country needs begin to change from the greatest passion of the brazilians: soccer.


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