Infernal dichotomies and technology

29 May

Modern thought lives under the aegis of the infernal dichotomies (subjective vs objective,Mudando nature vs culture), a term coined by Bruno Latour to explain the thought and the sciences of today, nothing more conducive.

The whole theory of the modern state, as Thomas Hobbes, who said that man is a homine lupus (wolf to man) through the empiricist John Locke, until you reach Jean Jacques Rousseau, who said that man by nature is good, the noble savage, which He inspired the French Revolution, but what followed it was one bloodthirsty killing and then there were two restorations of the monarchy.

Nothing more propitious time we designed the objects, our modern fetishes and time designed the subject, our passions and everyday affairs, but the question of being, that is, the essence of our existence remains unnoticed.

Of course the fetish of all fetishes is money for some so it can provide, but for most people just get pay day to day bills, and the pile of benefits that swelled in recent years, called by some of middle-class forward, it seems that the fetish disbanded.

Here are questions the technological fetishes, to what extent part of a contemporary need, to what extent are mere fetishes, is questionable communicate is necessary, but the iPhone last type is at hand often critical of “consumerism”.

As always beyond subject and object, to forget the existential Being, there is confusion between culture and nature, it is natural to man to communicate and it is cultural to use device that facilitates this communication, said the contemporary philosopher Heidegger man makes himself the language .

We must have a contemporary language or are we talking about for the past century.


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