Addicted to digital technology

15 Oct

Most people often confuse the fact that there are people addicted to technology,Relax with the fact that digital technology is a new kind of “drug” that infected everyone.

There are very simple ways to diagnose and combat addiction to technology, explains the medical Nerina Ramlakhan, specialist in energy and techniques to cool sleeping Nightingale Hospital in London, told BBC News.

He explained by saying that this is for people who can not turn off the same gadgets before bed:. “So you live in survival mode Your sympathetic nervous system is working in forced pace I suppose you feel miserable afternoon what. means that your body is acting on the basis of epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol, “then you really are hooked.

The profile of patients is almost always the same: perfectionism tendency to want to control everything and bruxism (teeth grinding while sleeping).

One of the self-radicas forms is receiving continuous doses of dopamine, a hormone released in the brain by the hypothalamus, thus improves motivation, increases the heartbeat, improves mood, better able to process information and more sleep, explained Dr. Ramlakhan .

She recommends four simple steps recipe to control this addiction:

– Creating a “sunset electronic” go away electronic devices, for example, read a book (not electronic).

– Keep the clock away overnight, not to tell time with this avoids the type anxieties: I have to sleep, I can not relax, etc.

– Do not use your smartphone as an alarm clock, recharge healthy energy: have breakfast, but in half an hour after waking prefer other beverage to coffee.

– Keep yourself hydrated at least two liters of water a day.

Of course, the important thing is to use technology only necessary and avoid “technology fatigue”.


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