A sea of mud crosses Brazil

17 Nov

Government refutes criticisms of negligence, but the dam Samarco RioDoce(mineral enterprise) that poured into the center of the country a “sea of mud” may happen again in the region itself or in 138 other dams in the country that still use primitive methods of dams.

Second report of the ANA (National Water Agency), dated September 30, 2014, only in Bahia State has 33 dams in the high risk category.

When passing helicopter the area hit by the “sea of mud”, made a week after the rupture of dams, the president said he had sent the Minister of National Integration and the National Secretary of Civil Defense in the region on the first day, but nothing was done.

The sea of mud has reached the populous regions of Governador Valadares and Colatina (ES), and the water supply is compromised, the region is too large to be supplied only by water kites trucks.

In a report of a television program on Sunday (15/10) cracks were shown in another dam Samarco mining company, and has been shown as they are poorly monitored another 700 dams that exist in the country.

In São Paulo State, there is a similar risk to the Mariana in the city of Aluminio, near Sorocaba, the municipality of aluminum, has a dam located behind a massive rock wall, near the village FEPASA, the tailings dam Mining Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio (CBA), part of the Votorantim Group.

The dam Palmital Votorantim Metals stores the generated red mud from bauxite residue conversion aluminum oxide (alumina), can break due to the intensive use of caustic soda in the separation of components.


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