Panama Papers: global corruption

05 Apr

Revelations 11 million documents involving international figures, no less thanPanamáPapers 140 politicians from 50 countries, associated with offshore companies (name that is increasingly associated with money laundering in companies you stand havens), scandalize the world.

Many tax havens, 21 in all where these companies are located, many linked to the British Crown, which is why there are already pressures in the country, including involving the crown and the Prime Minister to Iceland, famous for his reforms, had the Prime Minister involved, but under popular pressure this quickly resigned.

Iceland is an icon in this process because the turnaround in the country after the 2008 crisis was an example, politicians and bankers accused were arrested, and when the country seemed to turn the page, a company called Wintris, owned by Gunnlaugsson and wife to 2009 appeared in tax havens, popular pressure was immediate and he resigned.

The Panama Papers also cast doubt on two of the main Icelandic ministers: Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Finance and Economy and Olof Nordal, Interior Minister appeared also the new president of Argentina Macri and the President of Angola and a network that could not exist without the approval of Macri.

The Investigative Journalism through the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists , the same Swiss Leaks points the company Mega Star Enterprises, headquartered in Panama and created by Mossack Fonseca as one of the research sources, but there are others.

To follow a familiar catchphrase in Brazil, we would say: you have to move the world to clean, close tax havens and international process openings, some perhaps in the court of The Hague.


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