We can control flows of money “dirty”

08 Apr

Cases like Swiss leaks, Brazilian scandals and many countries, Panama PapersDirtyMoney now may help the idea of ​​controlling the flow of this money “dirty” stealing wealth of peoples and contribute to the concentration of money in the hands of a few.
According to experts interviewed by the BBC, p Panama Papers should help the idea of ​​controlling the flow of money and grow the instruments to implement technical and legal technologies and technologies to be used both for good and for evil, but could now benefit control of this money.
Offshore accounts, it is import

ant to remember by themselves are not illegal, the problem is that they are used to escape the tax authorities and tax collection, so it is a form of theft from foreign nations, especially hide money and dirty fight on national political campaigns.
According to the director of criminology at the University of Basel and director of the Basel Institute of Governance Mark Pieth: “The case (of Panama Papers) will help control the flow of illicit money.”
A task force was formed by the huge volume of documents (more than 2 Tera 11 million sheets of paper), will be a total of 107 of the world media outlets have mobilized to review the data.
Professor Pieth will be assisting these professionals in the investigative core that has already established a connection, for example, between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his friend musician Sergei Roldugin, supposed orange for political, something denied by Putin.
It is a new face to the world and a tremor to corrupt and political foul play based on the use of financial power to defraud and win elections.



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